Quinoa Rotelle & Spiced Walnut Balls

Quinoa Rotelle & Spiced Walnut Balls

Add a kick to your weekly pasta routine. Spiced walnut balls bring a little extra pizzaz to your signature tomato sauce experience. This one’s by our favorite Mama J…


Quinoa Rotelle
Your favorite tomato sauce

Spiced Walnut Balls –
4 Walnut Burger patties (thawed)
1.5 tablespoons chopped fennel seed
1/2 teaspoon red hot pepper flakes

Place 4 Walnut Burger patties in a bowl, added fennel seed and red pepper flakes, and mix together. Form the mixture into balls, place them on parchment paper lined cookie sheets, and bake them at 325 degrees. For the best browning, bake them for 15 minutes :: rotate :: 15 more minutes :: rotate :: 3 minutes :: rotate :: 3 more minutes, and then they should be done. Prepare pasta and sauce, and top with spiced walnut balls. Sprinkle with fresh basil to finish.

*recipe makes 15-20 walnut balls

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