Walnut Burger Quesadillas

Walnut Burger Quesadillas

Looking for one of the easiest, most satisfying recipes? Nosotros lo tenemos! Try our Walnut Burger Quesadillas with an Avo Tomato side salad – healthy, flavorful and such a wonderful end to the summertime meal.

Makes 2 quesadillas
2 Walnut Burgers (crumbled and browned)
4 corn tortillas
2-4 slices of swiss or 1/4 cup cotija cheese

Side Salad
1/2 avocado (diced)
1/4 tomato (diced)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Sea salt & pepper

First, layer 1 tortilla in a saucepan; top with half of the Walnut Burger crumbles, the cheese, and another tortilla on top. Let cook until the cheese melts and the tortillas are warm. Flip to brown the other side for 20 seconds or so. Next, repeat these steps with the remaining 2 tortillas to make your second quesadilla.

For the side salad, mix ingredients together and plate aside your finished quesadillas. Dip with green salsa or sour cream and enjoy!

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