New Nuts On The Block

New Nuts On The Block

Raised on Walnut Burgers, the Jenkins kids (Kestrel and Forest) were bound to turn out just as nutty as their parents…

Yes, that’s right. We are self-proclaimed nuts and have been chomping on Walnut Burgers since before we could even walk.

It all started in the back of our family-run restaurant in small-town Wisconsin. Mama and Papa Jenkins cooked up a super tasty vegetarian burger and it caught the attention of both vegetarians and meat-eaters in our Mississippi River Valley neighborhood.

We clearly remember the good ‘ole days: pushing out burgers with the antique wooden patty press, the infectious aroma of the burgers sizzling on the grill or the Walnut Balls baking in the oven.

For us, it’s like second nature to embrace our nuttiness. We probably have too much fun to be considered “adults”, love to run, hike, play, cook, and breathe in the fresh air.

We have recently decided to share our big love for the tasty Walnut Burger with the world.

So, hello WB fans, we are happy to serve you and happy to continue to meet more of you out there.

Feel free to say hello anytime – you can find us on Facebook or email us at &

Stay Nutty!
– Kestrel & Forest

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