#MeatlessMonday Breakfast Tacos

#MeatlessMonday Breakfast Tacos

In the wintertime, warmer breakfasts always make our days start out happier. This protein-packed recipe helps give you the energy to get after it, especially on a Monday morning. Try these tacos next time you’re craving a little extra kickstart in the A.M.!

makes 4 breakfast tacos
4 corn tortillas
5 eggs (scrambled)
3 baby peppers (diced)
2 frozen Walnut Burger patties
1 avocado (halved)
Salsa (to taste)

First, add a bit of coconut oil to a saucepan and add the diced peppers. Cook until they are slightly browned and softened; set aside. Next, scramble 5 eggs and add to a coconut-oiled saucepan. While the eggs are cooking, use another saucepan to cook each Walnut Burger, allowing them to cook until the cheese bubbles; then flip them to caramelize the other side.

Then, stack your tacos. Place 1/2 Walnut Burger in each taco, top with peppers, scrambled eggs and your favorite salsa. We like to plate with a half avocado for color, and of course additional omega-3s. 🙂 Super rico!

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