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 Happy Friday! The fam's pretty excited to announce the soft launch of our new website. just got a pretty exciting facelift. Check it out friends! #gonuts  Regram from @mrcheski // taking notes from a couple of our top notch employees today // #backyard #workspace #loretta #hoku #dogs #gonuts
 Recent fam adventure to the spud state! We kind of like hanging out together. #gonuts  Meet Xanten :: one of the coolest kids around. We met him and his Mom Teresija at @gelsonsmarkets #centurycity. His Mom says he is super picky and well...Xanten was eating up the #walnutburger. He mowed multiple samples with a great smile on his face! // #gonuts #healthykids #yum #vegetarian
 Holiday friends and family time always involves getting creative in the kitchen for us! What are you mixing up with the Walnut Burger this season? //  by @drewfoto // #walnutburger #gonuts #veggie #healthy #kitchen #creative  Good Morning Weekend! // This is Trent. He works at @gelsonsmarkets #centurycity and tried his first #walnutburger last night. He was kind of excited at the flavor and told his colleagues they needed to rush over to try it. As he explained it to them, he said :: "and you can taste the walnuts and the cheese and the beef." I stopped him to remind him that there is no beef or meat in the Walnut Burger. Trent said his mind was even more blown. Moments like these are magic. Thanks for your support Trent and all the Gelson's employees! // @kestrelee is at GELSON'S #santabarbara until 3pm today! Stop by! :) // #vegetarian #meatless #healthy #walnuts
 "When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life." // it's a perfect Friday in #SanDiego to cruise over to @710beachclub and enjoy a #walnutburger with your friends! // #gonuts  Demo Daze // we've been cruising to all the @gelsonsmarkets over the past couple weeks, sharing the #walnutburger love with the #LA area! // today you can find @kestrelee in #silverlake until 3pm and at #centurycity until 8pm. Stop by and #gonuts with her. // #healthy #meatless #yum
 Happy 1st Birthday to the @gelsonsmarkets #LongBeach store! @kestrelee will be cooking up samples until 2pm today. Come by and say hey! // #gonuts #walnutburger #saturday #healthy #grocery #yum  We were stoked to share some food stories with @themiddlefeast :: winners of the Great Food Truck Race Season 5! Looking forward to making more culinary magic together soon. // #walnutburger #losangeles #foodtruck #gonuts

What's Crackin'

ADVENTURES :: Snowed In, Idaho Style

The Jenkins family gathered in the spud state recently for some good old fashioned fun. When our clan gets together, things always get a little nuts with an abundance of laughter and never ending witty banter. A couple of key factors come into play when family time...

RECIPE :: Walnut Burger Lettuce Wraps

Our friend and photographer Drew came up with this fresh and healthy recipe. A modern twist on the lettuce wrap, these are a great starter before a meal of pad thai or pho. If you want to make them your main meal, there are enough for two to thoroughly enjoy....

RECIPE :: Baked Eggplant with Fig, Tomato & Walnut Burger Crumbles

Inspiration for this recipe came from one of my favorite cookbooks, Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. After recently having such a positive reaction to the combination of figs + Walnut Burger, this seemed a fun way to reinvent a baked eggplant...

RECIPE :: Savory Rosemary, Fennel, Honey Oatmeal with Walnut Balls

Inspiration for this curious morning recipe popped up on our recent Pacific Northwest road trip. The perfect fuel for a day peddling around the San Juan Islands, a stroll through Bend along the Ale Trail, or a paddle board down the Boise River… Ingredients: Walnut...

RECIPE :: Quinoa Rotelle & Spiced Walnut Balls

Add a kick to your weekly pasta routine. Spiced walnut balls bring a little extra pizzaz to your signature tomato sauce experience. This one’s by our favorite Mama J… Ingredients: Quinoa Rotelle Your favorite tomato sauce Spiced Walnut Balls - 4 Walnut Burger patties...

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