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 "When our beliefs shift, our worlds shift." -Jay Brown ⚡️ Meeting of the west coast @1percentftp minds at @patagoniacardiff tonight. Grateful to be surrounded by so many people and brands we know as well as others we have the opportunity to learn more about. The Walnut Burger is a proud #1percentftp member. We donate 1% of our sales to nonprofits we believe in each year. #sustainability #gonuts  Grateful to be back in the homeland with the two that started it all. Mama and Papa Jenkins, you rock. #gonuts
 The @MeatlessMonday Motherload || fried egg, avo, spicy mayo and tomato atop a tasty Walnut Burger || who says meatless means mundane!? #gonuts  Case of the Mondays? A submarine sandwich will never let you down, especially when it features Walnut Balls. Recipe on the website!  @meatlessmonday #gonuts
 We  our little fans! #gonuts  Walnut Burger Quesadillas + Avo Tomato Salad || what are you cooking up for your @meatlessmonday Labor Day? #gonuts
 "By going meatless just one day a week, you'll cut your diet-related footprint by over 10%." || #meatlessmonday words of wisdom via @reformation #gonuts  Good way to chill this holiday weekend. Thanks for having us @sdtennisclub. Walnut Burgers always pair perfectly, post workout in the sunshine. #gonuts
 Everybody wants a Walnut Burger! Good times flippin burgers and connecting with the crowds at @wfmminnesota #hennepin #gonuts  Thanks to all who came out to join in the fun at @olivetreemarketplace Tasting Room last night! We had a blast sharing Walnut Burger creations with so many satisfied and smiling faces. #gonuts

What's Crackin'

RECIPE :: Submarine Sandwich

Case of the Mondays? A sub sandwich will never let you down, especially this version! This Walnut Ball Sub is a quickie to whip up and it packs a big time flavor profile. Ingredients: 4 Walnut Balls (recipe here) Mozzarella cheese (1 slice) 1/4 cup Marinara sauce...

RECIPE :: Walnut Burger Quesadillas

Looking for one of the easiest, most satisfying recipes? Nosotros lo tenemos! Try our Walnut Burger Quesadillas with an Avo Tomato side salad – healthy, flavorful and such a wonderful end to the summertime meal. Ingredients: Makes 2 quesadillas 2 Walnut Burgers...

RECIPE :: The Perfect Midnight Snack

Sometimes you arrive home, it’s been a long day, maybe it’s midnight, and you’re still hungry. Well, we’ve created our favorite late-night snack that will crave that hunger and satisfy your tastebuds. Ingredients: 1-2 Walnut Burger patties...

RECIPE :: Walnut Ball Salad

When the heat is on and the summer vibes abound, salads are a welcomed cool from the hot. Try this simple one for your next Meatless Monday, or meatless any-meal! It’s fresh and uber easy. Ingredients: (makes 2 salads) 4-6 Walnut Balls (recipe here) 2 Bowls...

RECIPE :: Walnut Ball Pita Wrap

Recently, we got ambitious in the kitchen. In an effort to have some easy and quick food options around, we baked off a plethora of Walnut Balls, and freezed them. Now, they are ready and at our fingertips whenever we want to whip up a Walnut Ball creation. Today, our...

RECIPE :: Southwestern-Style Stuffed Peppers

For this week’s Meatless Monday, we threw in a little heat and a lot of our favorite southwestern-inspired flavors. This quick and simple recipe can be served as the main event (we suggest 2 peppers if these are the headliner), or be paired with your favorite...

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