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 Take a weekend wander over to Major Market in Escondido where we'll be flipping Walnut Burgers and sharing Saturday smiles! Stop by from 11am-3pm.  #gonuts  After a week of warehousing, we are stoked to be cruising over the bridge to Coronado. @kestrelee will be hanging at Boney's Bayside Market from 11-2pm today! Stop by for a Friday work break. #gonuts
 Today, our #MeatlessMonday lunch menu included these super flavorful and fresh pita wraps. Enjoy outside on the patio or with a picnic in the park. This is what summertime bliss is all about! Recipe on the website  #gonuts  Another day, another Walnut Burger. #gonuts
 Thanks to @danceandcompany and @katielew12 for welcoming us to share the Walnut Burger with your dancers and family! And happy 6th anniversary. ⚡️✨⭐️ #gonuts  Big semi trucks ain't got nothin on the little yellow mini.  || doing a little inventory today at the warehouse. The plethora of Walnut Burgers that can fit in this little rig is mind blowing. #gonuts
 EDINA | the @walnutburger just joined the frozen shelves at @wholefoods with @jonnypops #gonuts  STUFFED | For this week’s @MeatlessMonday, we threw in a little heat and a lot of our favorite southwestern-inspired flavors. Recipe on the site! #gonuts
 Daydreaming of campfires and Walnut Burger tacos. Where is your mind wandering this Tuesday morning? #gonuts  See you at Seaside! We'll be at @seasidemarket in Cardiff today from 3-7pm. Swing by for a sample and pick up some goodies for your Sunday night dinner! #gonuts

What's Crackin'

RECIPE :: Walnut Ball Pita Wrap

Recently, we got ambitious in the kitchen. In an effort to have some easy and quick food options around, we baked off a plethora of Walnut Balls, and freezed them. Now, they are ready and at our fingertips whenever we want to whip up a Walnut Ball creation. Today, our...

RECIPE :: Southwestern-Style Stuffed Peppers

For this week’s Meatless Monday, we threw in a little heat and a lot of our favorite southwestern-inspired flavors. This quick and simple recipe can be served as the main event (we suggest 2 peppers if these are the headliner), or be paired with your favorite...

ADVENTURE :: Star Gazing + Walnut Burger Tacos

“Dreams nourish the soul just as food nourishes the body. The pleasure of the search and of adventure feeds our dreams.” -Paulo Coelho We got away for a night of adventure camping under the stars this weekend. With no direction but the mountains, we found...

RECIPE :: Walnut Burger Spring Rolls

Maybe it’s an unlikely pairing, but we think spring rolls can be made using any ingredients that pack your favorite flavors. For today’s lunch, we got to rolling up our newest creation — with Walnut Burger please. Ingredients: (makes 4 rolls) 4 Rice...

RECIPE :: Walnut Burger, Gone Greek

There’s something about Mediterranean-style cuisine that can brighten your day. Maybe it’s the lemon, or the garlic, or the use of lots of fresh flavors. With that in mind, we’ve recently come up with our newest #MeatlessMonday recipe and it’s...

RECIPE :: Classics Don’t Go Out Of Style

The weekend is upon us. At times, the best meals can come from going back to the basics. Stack a Walnut Burger on your favorite whole wheat bun / add some avocado, tomato, cucumbers and your favorite sauce. Sometimes, a throwback to the classics is exactly what your...

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“So much taste!”

Kirstin Roberts


“I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years and I have never had a better Burger.”

Brook Roberts

TV Personality & Fox Sports Host

“Can’t stop eating these.”

Antonio Carasali

Partner at Rubicon Deli, Rubicon Deli

“I had my mom and wife try it. They both hate everything healthy that I bring home and they both loved it.”

Buyer at Whole Foods / Edina, MN

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