#GoNuts for Meatless Monday

Recipe Contest

The Walnut Burger and Meatless Monday have teamed up to host a meatless recipe contest. Cruise over to your local grocery store, grab a package of Walnut Burgers and get to cooking. Once you have the main ingredient, get inspired in the kitchen! Prepare a little photo shoot to capture your Walnut Burger creation and submit it below for our team to review.

We define “meatless” as no meat, poultry or seafood & no made-from-meat items like chicken stock. Eggs and cheese are fine though.

Submissions will be accepted from 1/26/15 through 2/10/15 at 12pm CST.

Meatless Monday Recipe Contest


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Breakfast, lunch, or dinner :: the meatless Walnut Burger is made of natural ingredients and adds a tasty flavor profile to whatever  you’re cooking. We welcome you to get creative, and come up with your own unique way to mix the Walnut Burger into your new favorite recipe!

Winning recipes will be selected by the Meatless Monday team. Submissions will be judged on originality, ingredient combinations, and the quality of photos.

Grand Prize = 1 case of Walnut Burgers (96 patties), 2 Walnut Burger hats & Meatless Monday apron
* Winner and Recipe to be featured on Meatless Monday & Walnut Burger websites.
2 Runners Up = each will receive 1 Walnut Burger hat

To note, any rights to the recipe(s) and photo(s) submitted will be passed onto the Walnut Burger. Also, it is understood that by entering the contest, entrants are verifying that their recipes are indeed original creations.