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 Honored to be hanging at #EarthFairSanDiego today with our friends of @1to1movement! Cruise by to check out #STACKED their mobile learning farm that officially launches TODAY! #gonuts #1to1movement  It's #MeatlessMonday! What's on today's menu for you? Apparently, we've got Walnut Burgers on the brain.  #gonuts  When we’re searching for a savory, satisfying meal, we often reach for our friend, the eggplant. Heart-healthy, low in calories and fat free, this veg brings flavor and health to the chopping board. A little twist on the traditional eggplant parmesan, this plate’s a new favorite around our dinner table. Recipe at the link in our profile  #gonuts  About to throw down some Walnut Burger jams with @deliciousbuzz + @gogobotsd | stoked to be here for #dancedanceresolution where all proceeds benefit @theseanyfoundation #gonuts  @OrganicRootsMarket now has Walnut Burgers in the house! Pretty excited to be on the shelves of one of the coolest markets around. Temecula, we got you. #gonuts #meatlessmonday
 Typical Walnut Burger plate, consumed quickly. #gonuts  The perfect way to get crazy in the kitchen for this week's #MeatlessMonday!  Have you tried Walnut Burger Enchiladas yet? If not, add the fixins to your grocery list. They are beyond rico! Recipe by last year's @meatlessmonday recipe contest winner @brittanyesouth. Recipe at the link in our profile.  #gonuts  We  @MeatlessMondays when they fit nicely in a bowl. Walnut Burger, rice, red pepper, and broccoli for this week's #meatlessmonday win. #gonuts  In the wintertime, warmer breakfasts always help us find the energy to get after the week. Walnut Burger morning tacos for the #MeatlessMonday win! Click the link in our profile for the recipe.  #gonuts  When the holidays roll in, it’s all about family time and food for us. When everyone’s in the same place at the same time, we relish in the moments and many of them end up huddled around the dinner table. We're grateful for these times and grateful for all of your support. Cheers to another year of going nuts! #gonuts
 Walnut Burger Stuffed Sweet Potatoes for the #MeatlessMonday win! Recipe at the link in our profile!  #gonuts  Start your #MeatlessMonday right with the "Bombelette". It's all in the name. Flavor, protein, and extra energy to help you crush the day's tasks ahead. Monday. Let's do this.  #gonuts  What's on your #MeatlessMonday menu? We're going classic today with a Walnut Burger + avo on whole grain sandwich. Mmm that's what I'm talking about. #gonuts #meatless #sandwich #veggie #wholegrain #healthyeats #easyeats #getfit #protein #vegetarian #walnutburger #lunchtime  This guy will be cruising around Chicago this weekend, sharing Walnut Burgers with customers at one of our favorite stores: @marianosmarket! Check out the schedule on our Facebook page and cruise by to see @fjwanderer #gonuts ‪#‎mymarianos‬  Walnut Burger is proud to have been the first company to support the 1to1 Movement's STACKED! The first ever mobile learning farm, STACKED is being built in a vintage British double decker. Follow @1to1movement to watch the progress and support this innovative approach to rethinking our food systems. #gonuts
 What's on your #MeatlessMonday menu tonight? Can you guess what we're planning to cook up? #gonuts  "The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating."  our Walnut Burger organic cotton caps are available at the link in our profile #gonuts  Straight from @bekindvibes kitchen: Walnut Burger, rice, black beans, romaine, cilantro, avocado, black pepper and hot sauce. Mmm #MeatlessMonday done right! #gonuts  Thanks to @hotlaundry for sharing your creative meal from last night! A bed of ginger and soy sauce braised kale & dandelion greens, topped with Walnut Burger from #boneysbaysidemarket, carrots, sprouts and tomatoes. Yum! #gonuts  The original Walnut Burger. For years the #1 seller at its birthplace, the Historic Trempealeau Hotel and Restaurant in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, Wisconsin. Eat healthy and support local. #gonuts